Student Conduct

Rules of the Dojo

  • Bow when entering or leaving the Dojo (gym/training hall)
  • Bowing is to be done at the opening and closing of each class.
  • Bow in response to instruction or help, etc. It is proper for the student of lower rank to bow first.
  • No unnecessary talking; absolutely no swearing.
  • No fooling around.
  • No gum or candy during class.
  • No loose or dangling jewellery.
  • Students should be in the gym/dojo at all times, not loitering or fooling around in the halls or outside the training facility. This applies to time before and after class as well as during class.
  • Follow rules of etiquette and bowing; take pride in yourself, your training, your uniform, your dojo, and your fellow students.

Code of Conduct

The instructors are committed to providing the best training for their students in the Martial Arts. This training is obvious in the physical skills that are taught and developed in order to execute martial arts techniques. However, it is the training of the person’s “spirit,” which is not seen in a kick or a punch, that should be displayed at all times. A skilled martial artist is measured by his/her ability to fulfill his/her life, not by the height of a kick or the power of a punch. A true martial artist is not measured by the techniques he/she knows but in how he/she utilizes these techniques. A martial artist should strive to conduct himself/herself in a way that promotes him/her and the school in a positive manner. Conduct unbecoming a Martial Artist will result in suspension or expulsion from the club. Some examples of this behaviour are cited below:

  • Threats or bullying of others (in class or out; it makes no difference)
  • Using martial arts to show off
  • Fighting (except in self-defense)