2017 - Our 30th Year - Update


Please find attached the most recent news update with dates, times and locations of upcoming classes.

Updated RIOKK Information - January 2017

Happy New Year!   2017 here we come…

Every year that ends, marks the beginning of a new year. “Out with the old and in with the new,” is a family tradition that I say each New Year’s Eve. This year we welcomed 2017 the same way, just like any other year. However, 2017 is not just another year in the history of The Regina Institute Of Kempo Karate, as 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of R.I.O.K.K..

Now the obvious fact is that you can’t have 30 years pass without getting a bit older. Even Master Thiele may need to adjust his age to match.  When we started I had hair and both my hips. None of us could have predicted that we would still be kicking 30 years later. I’m not sure we even believed we would make a year, but we did and we made a few more after that.

Great Grand Master Perez knew we would make it. He believed that we could keep his system of Kempo alive. More than that, he believed that there was a need for it. A need to keep tradition alive and yet still be skilled in defending oneself in the world of today, and the days that follow.  Days turn to years and throughout those years we trained and trained with some amazing people. Each and every person made it possible for us to continue.

Looking back, I am filled with a combination of pride and sorrow. The obvious, is pride in seeing so many great people do great things in their lives. The sorrow, for the ones that did great things, but left us way before they should have! But they did not leave before they had a chance to influence what our club has become. Regardless of the belt they wore, when they trained, they are our Past Masters! Without them, we would not be what we are.

We are the now and that is 30 years of history with some new blood mixed in and together we will forge the future.  This future, one that cannot yet be written, shows as much potential as we did 30 years ago. Perhaps even greater things will happen and happen because of you!

I hope that each of you know how important you are to our system. That is why I want everyone to make every class in 2017. Attend to celebrate today. Attend to honour our past.  Most importantly we will attend to forge the future!

After all, what good is it to have made 30 years if we don’t strive to have 30 more?

2017 our 30th year. Be with us in mind, body and spirit!

The Regina Institute Of Kempo Karate - - - 30 years later and we are still - - - building a stronger individual through the study and comprehension of a martial art!

2017 New Year’s Resolution:

I will attend every class!

I will be first onto the floor!

I will be the last off the floor!

Pre class: I challenge every R.I.O.K.K. member to arrive and start training at 6:30.

Post class: I challenge every R.I.O.K.K. member to train until 8:30.

Class is 6:45 – 8:15. Show your dedication and commitment to the art in what you do pre and post class