2015-05-26 Brown Belt Promotions


Brown Belt Promotions - May 26th, 2015

The club joined together on May 26th in order to support four RIOKK members who were testing for their brown belts.

Regina members were joined by members from the sister clubs who agreed to be a part of this important event. The testing process allowed these members to highlight their skills in a variety of areas, including a demonstration of learning, where they spoke to a significant moment, event or skill that helped to mould them as a martial artist.

At the end of the evening, Jaimie Deobald, Jocelyn Skogberg, Derek Seeley and Cornelia Spottek were promoted to brown belt.  Congratulations to these martial artists!

Below: The new RIOKK brown belts.


Below: Kempo black belts celebrate with the new RIOKK brown belts.